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Nuevo: La Fe Ortodoxo Cristiana
St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp for summer 2014:

St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp
Dates:  Monday, June 30th - Friday, July 4th, 2014
Cost: Early Registration: $290.00
Ages: 8 - 18 - Older Youth & Adult Staff Needed!
Pan-Orthodox Camp Open to Orthodox Youth & Friends of all Jurisdictions
Registration Packet Forms are On-Line at:

Mail all camp registration forms and payment to: St. Seraphim Cathedral;
c/o Archpriest John Anderson; PO Box 191109; Dallas, TX 75219-1109

It's now officially time to mark your summer calendar and think about getting those registration forms in the mail!  This summer, the annual St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp will again be held in North Texas, beginning on midday of Monday, June 30th and lasting until midday on Friday, July 4th.

The spiritual focus theme of this year's camp will be, "Dynamic Life in Christ."  As in past years, there will also be special campfire question and answer sessions for the older youth.

As in past years, St. Peter the Aleut Summer Camp is open to those ages 8 - 18, with older teens and young adults needed to help staff as Junior Counselor. Junior Counselors must be ages 17 or older. Senior Counselors must be ages 18 or over, including young and not-so-young adults.

Partial scholarships are available for those who can help out as camp counselors and staff. However, beginning this year, a special Staff Authorization Form must also be completed and submitted for all who would like to serve as camp leadership staff.  See the link below along for the Staff authorization form and the campers form packet needed by all campers:
Staff Authorization form (please fill out online, print, sign and fax to 214-526-7170 or return ASAP or scan and email to priestjanderson@gmail.com) Please use OCA Diocese of the South as organization 
Campers Form Packet print out, fill in and return to proper camp representatives before due date.
Camp Chaplains will again include Fr. John Anderson Rector of St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral in Dallas, Fr. Antonio Perdomo, Rector of St. George's Orthodox Church in Pharr, and hopefully several other clergy staff members.

Camp will again be held at the YMCA Camp Grady Spruce at Possum Kingdom Lake, South of Weatherford, Texas (about 2 hours S. of Ft. Worth). For a map, see: https://www.campgradyspruce.org/images/upload/Driving%20Directions.doc

Since 1993, this wonderful summer camp has been sponsored by the South-Central Deanery of the Diocese of the South in the OCA. Camp registration has always been open to Orthodox youth participants of any jurisdiction, as well as catechumens and any of our camper's non-Orthodox friends.

The summer camp is a mixture of prayer, spiritual sessions, and all of the usual suspects you'd find at summer camp: swimming, horseback riding, sailing, archery, arts and crafts, shooting, blobbing and much more! Special campfire times are held in the evening for the older set. A Divine Liturgy is served during the week. And of course, the annual talent show and camp awards will complete the week's special events.

As much as possible, we will try to accommodate those who are fasting or have special food needs during the camp. Please inform Fr. John about any special dietary or fasting restrictions or other special needs!

Photo Set from St. Peter the Aleut Camp, Summer of 2009:

For more information, email Fr. John Anderson at: priestjanderson@gmail.com
Of True Consequence: Reflection on Summer Camp 2009

Saint Peter the Aleut Orthodox Church Camp, Summer 2009


Of True Consequence


By Cristina Perdomo



Saint Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp was first held at Mo Ranch located in the Hill Country outside of San Antonio, Texas. My first experience of this Orthodox camp was in 2003 when Saint Peter the Aleut Summer Camp celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Summer 2009 was my fourth experience at its current location at a YMCA facility, Camp Grady Spruce, in north Texas. It was my second time attending as a Junior Counselor. Camp activities can be fun, including everything from sailing, canoeing and other water activities to horseback riding and hiking. However, this is not what draws me to sit in a car for the twelve hour haul to north Texas. The single largest incentive to attend Saint Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer camp is the spiritual element.

Being surrounded by the world and its influences can become a deadening struggle, even if armed with a strong, Orthodox Christian foundation. I am a priest’s daughter and homeschooled through high school. Now a Junior at a public university, I continually experience the world. While homeschooled, I escaped direct contact with much worldliness. However, this is not the case for many Orthodox youth, including many who attend Saint Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp.

Besides being enveloped by modern pop-culture, it can be hard to find fellow Orthodox Christian youth, especially in a vast geographical expanse like the Diocese of the South. Not only is it a struggle to be Orthodox and live in the world, but many youth also face this challenge with a rather limited support group, or none at all. At the church I attend, my younger sister and I currently are the only teens. This being the case, Saint Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp becomes an even more critical event, not only for wholesome fun, fellowship and friendships,  but it also becomes a vital time for spiritual renewal among Orthodox Christian youth of the South Central Deanery in the Diocese of the South, as well as for others who attend.

Camp’s spiritual theme this year was “In the World but Not of It.” This topic focused on three important and interrelated aspects: One’s relationship with God, with others, and with oneself. This year's camp Chaplains included the Camp Director, Fr. John Anderson of St. Seraphim's Cathedral in Dallas, Assistant Director, Fr. Antonio Perdomo of St. George's in the Rio Grande Valley. The camp was also graced with the presence of Fr. John Mikita from St. John of Damascus Mission in Tyler and Fr. Seraphim Holland of the ROCOR Parish of St. Nicholas in McKinney. Between outdoor activities, the four priests took turns talking on the theme to four different groups of campers. Camp participants were divided into one group of elementary, two groups of middle school, and one group of high school students. Each clergyman presented on a different aspect of camp’s focus, each presenting different, although equally important, insights on each topic. These sessions were fascinating to attend whether a middle school or university student.

In addition to the spiritual sessions, campers all participated in morning and evening prayers. One Vespers and one Divine Liturgy were celebrated during the week. Also, another spiritually enlivening tradition which campers continue to relish is the evening “Campfire Discussion.” Throughout the week, older campers are urged to write down any questions or issues they would like to present anonymously. As many evenings as possible, older campers and many of the staff members gather around the campfire and the priests lead the discussion, answering the questions and topics. The dialogue is open for campers to add thoughts, experiences, or insights. They are also given the opportunity to share any other questions which might arise.

Earlier this year, I considered not coming to camp or at least not next summer. I mean, how many juniors and seniors in college attend summer camps, anyway? I was sure I could find more important ways to occupy my summer. However, after attending this summer, I firmly resolved that camp is and should remain a high priority, not only on a personal level but also for as many Orthodox youth and young adult possible. The Orthodox youth are not only the Church’s future but also its present. It is hard, if not impossible, to realize this when one is isolated and finds oneself wallowing in the pigpen without spiritual direction. Camp becomes a place to refocus in an undoubtedly and healthy Orthodox environment.

Attending a university, it is easy for my sight of God’s clarity to become clouded. I believe the same is true for anyone who is continually exposed to the world, whether in elementary school, high school or college. Even home schooled students are not completely cushioned from the world’s sway and peer priorities. Everyone is affected by the fallen world. At camp this year, I found myself wishing I had heard some of the priests’ wisdom back when I was thirteen or fourteen. For me, and for everyone present, camp became a time of true renewal due to the spirit of Orthodox fellowship as well as the living presence of Christ and the Holy Spirit.       


Upcoming Summer Camp 2009!!! Register SOON!

2009 St. Peter the Aleut

Orthodox Summer Camp

Monday June 29th – Friday July 3th, 2009

We finally have some good news and information for the upcoming St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp, which since 1993 has served the OCA Diocese of the South, South Central Deanery and any other Orthodox youth and their friends who would like to attend. Camp will again be held at the YMCA Camp Grady Spruce at Possum Kingdom Lake, South of Weatherford, Texas (about 2 hours S. of Ft. Worth).

Dates: Monday, June 29th (after Lunchtime) - Friday, July 3th (after Breakfast). Note: Everyone will be home on Friday afternoon, before the 4th of July weekend.

Spiritual Focus/Theme: "Living In the World but not Of the World as Orthodox Christians"

Cost: $260.00 per person (per youth or adult chaperone or young adult counselors) if one registers PRIOR to JUNE 1st. After June 1st, the cost goes up to $280.00 per person.  In addition to the Campers, older youth, college students and adults/parents are needed to assist as camp staff. It is recommended that another $10.00 be sent per student, for meals while traveling to the camp.

Ages: About 3rd Grade through 12th Grade (Ages 8 – 18) - Children need to be of an age and maturity capable of being away from home for overnights and of caring for their basic needs. Older Teens and Young Adults needed to participate as Junior and Senior Camp Staff.

Space Limitations: Camper Spaces are Limited, so Register SOON! You Must Register Prior to the Cut Off Date of June 22nd.

Registration Packets:  Packets include: Items to Bring, Medical Information, Registration Form, Parent Release, etc. It is very important to complete and return these as soon as possible! All forms can be found online on this website. If you need camp scholarships or fundraising ideas, please speak to Fr. John Anderson to see if any are available this year or email Fr. Antonio.

Dietary Needs? If you have special health or liturgical calendar dietary needs or restrictions, please let us know so we can accommodate as best we can with camp facility.

Location: See www.CampGradySpruce.org for information and driving directions. Camp activities include swimming, canoeing, sailing, shooting, archery, horse back riding, crafts, fellowship, prayers, liturgical services, spiritual sessions and much, much more!

Information: You may send email questions to Father Antonio Perdomo at padreantoniop@aol.com for more information, or call Father John Anderson in Dallas at: 214-528-3741.  Mail checks made out to St. Seraphim's Cathedral - Camp and all camp forms to Fr. John Anderson c/o St. Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Cathedral, 4112 Throckmorton, Dallas, TX  75219.


Please Note:  Copy and complete each of the St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp forms linked above for each person attending summer camp. Return this packet as soon as possible, along with your registration check payment, made out to St. Seraphim's Cathedral and earmarked for "Summer Camp". Mail all registration forms and checks to Fr. John Anderson, c/o St. Seraphim's Orthodox Cathedral; 4112 Throckmorton, Dallas, TX  75219.  Thanks!  Looking forward to seeing you or your young people very soon!

Dietary Needs?  Please let us know if you have special health or litugical cycle dietary needs or restrictions so we can make special accommodations for you with the camp facility. Thanks!

Orthodox Summer Camp June-July 2008

St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp, a Pan-Orthodox Christian Summer Camp, held in June/July 2008 at the YMCA Camp in Possum Kingdom Lake in North Texas. Clergy Chaplains were Fr. John Anderson, of St. Seraphim's Orthodox Cathedral in Dallas, Texas and Fr. Antonio Perdomo, of St. George's Orthodox Church in Pharr, Texas.  In addition to daily prayers and various liturgical services, there were many fun activities throughout the week. These included archery, sailing, riflry, canoeing, swimming, some very puzzling craft projects, blobbing, horseback riding and a ride out to what has been dubbed as, "Little Mount Athos Island" where a wise old sage, a hermit of the mountain, came out and spoke to the young people. The week was sprinkled with spiritual topic sessions. Last year's topic was on relationships: between friends, family, courtship and marriage. Nightly campfire question and answer discussions also took place with the older youth, young adults and clergy.  The week ended with a talent show and some truly - amazing - skits and musical presentations. Before everyone left, each camper received an "award" for that which they contributed to this year's camp experience. After the obligatory group photos, all were sad to leave.  Until next year... enjoy the photos.


2003: A 10 Year Milestone for St. Peter the Aleut Summer Camp

Article originally written for "The Orthodox Church" magazine in 2003:

Saint Peter the Aleut Camp: Ten Years of Fun and Fellowship


            2003 marks the tenth anniversary of one of the O.C.A.’s youngest camps.  Saint Peter the Aleut Camp was established in 1993, by a handful of enthusiastic parents from two South Texas parishes. Today, staff and campers from multi-jurisdictions, many traveling hundreds of miles, gather for a five-day program based on the Liturgical life of the Church, while providing a typical camp experience.    

            The camp builds Orthodox community in an area of the country where many Orthodox youth are isolated from one another.  Religious education and a daily cycle of services are at the heart of the program.  Religious education themes vary from year to year.  A limestone chapel constructed in 1941 provides a reverent and acoustically appealing environment for worship and the campers are active participants.  They take turns with readings and the young singers are truly impressive.             

            Leasing facilities from a large Presbyterian conference center provides an opportunity to witness to others and non-Orthodox are always welcome to participate in the camp. Chaplains are often stopped in the dining hall to answer questions about Orthodoxy and curiosity seekers are invited to services.  It is typical to observe the cooks standing at attention, with their caps over their hearts as campers sing The Lord’s Prayer before meals.  

            The camp is located in the rugged Hill Country of Central Texas on the beautiful Guadalupe River.  Campers enjoy a variety of activities which include: swimming, canoeing, crafts, games, sports, a bon fire, a skit and talent show, a high and low elements ropes challenge course, and more. Last year campers learned to make soap. This year it was homemade ice cream!  

            Team work is a significant factor in the camp’s success.  The South Central Deanery of the Diocese of the South, covers a very large geographical area.  Despite the challenge, communication has been very good and resources are utilized from parishes located great distances from each other.  Chaplains, a core senior staff and young adult counselors provide instruction, supervision, mentoring, and medical attention.  

            The ten year milestone is especially meaningful for Saint Peter the Aleut Camp because former campers are now young adults and active Church workers. These alumni generously volunteer a week of their busy summer in order to give back the blessings they received at camp as youngsters. They are wonderful role models.  St. Peter the Aleut Camp 2003 was dedicated to these outstanding young adults.

            Archbishop DIMITRI continues to be a strong supporter of the camp.  For many years his Eminence took the long drive from Dallas to the Texas Hill Country in order to spend a good part of the day with his young flock.  Campers were enthralled with the Archbishop’s wisdom and his accessibility as he thoughtfully answered their questions on topics such as aliens and the supernatural.

             It has been ten years since the first group of twelve campers honored Saint Peter the Aleut by choosing to name their camp after this teenage martyr.  God has been good to bless this fellowship year after year.  With a renewed sense of Orthodox community, participants go back home to family and friends with fond memories and a greater awareness of the Orthodox faith. 

By Kathy (Moran) Kaloudis, St. Peter the Aleut Camp Director for its first 10 Years - Formerly of St. Anthony's Orthodox Church; San Antonio, Texas 

¡Gloria a Dios por todo!
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