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Spanish Orthodox Liturgical Resources & Links

On line Musical Resources from OCA Diocese of the South website at: http://www.dosoca.org/spanish_liturgical_text.html

(Dallas, TX) In response to requests for liturgical texts in the Spanish language, the DOS website is creating a new Spanish Liturgical text page. Music and text for the Divine Liturgy will be the first created with text and music for Vespers to be added in the near future.

For many years The Dawn, the DOS newspaper, had a regular section of liturgical texts in Spanish prepared by Archbishop Dmitri. Those pages will be provided in .pdf format and will be announced as added.

For more information on liturgical texts in Spanish please contact the DOS webmaster.

Permission to download and copy for non commerical use is given by Archbishop Dmitri.

Also NEW!!! Now Available from Texas!

Liturgical Texts & Music Available in Spanish & Other Languages

Bendito el Reino del Padre, del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo, eternamente, hora y siempre y por los siglos de los siglos.

Translations of Liturgical Services into Spanish, including the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, translated by Archbishop DMITRI, can be purchased from the Orthodox Book Center, A Ministry of Christ the Saviour Cathedral (OCA) in Miami, Florida. The Bookstore Manager tries to keep these materials reprinted at all times. However, prices may and availability may vary from that listed here.

  • Bautismo - $1.75/ea
  • Catecismo Ortodoxo - $8.95/ea

    Completas & Hora Novena (Small Prayer Book; Prayers Through the Day; Prayers at Meals, etc.) - $1.75/ea

    Devocionario Ortodoxo - (Prayer Book - Morning & Evening) - $1.75/ea

    El Espíritu de la Cuaresma - $1.50/ea

    El Oficio de Las Horas, Tercia y Sexta - $2.00/ea

    El Sacramento de la Confesión - $1.50/ea

    La Biblia y Usted - $.75

    La Divina Liturgia (For Laity - Spanish/English Side by Side) $3.00/ea = Currently Out of Print

    La Divina Liturgia de Nuestro Padre Entre los Santos Juan Crisóstomo (of St. John Chrysostom-For Clergy-All Spanish) $6.75/ea

    La Divina Liturgia de los Presantificados - $4.75/ea

    La Semana Pascual - $4.75/ea

    Las Horas y la Divina Liturgia de la Pascua - $1.50/ea

    Maitines y Prima - $2.75/ea

    Pannichida (Funeral Prayers) - $4.00/ea

    Preparación para la Santa Comunión - $2.50/ea

    Recepción de Catecúmenos (Crismacion) - $

    Vísperas (Vespers) - $2.50/ea

    Vísperas del Viernes Santo y Grande (Holy Saturday) - $.50/ea

NEW! Also available is "La Iglesia Ortodoxa" - The Orthodox Church by Kalistos Ware, now translated into Spanish. Also New: Padre Arsenio: Prisionero, Sacerdote, Padre Espiritual, from St. Vladimir's Seminary Press.  Other Titles available as well, in limited supplies. Please email any inquiries to Fr. Antonio Perdomo (see below).

  • ADD POSTAGE & SHIPPING + 10% - Minimum of $6.00
  • All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice & Are Listed in US Dollars
To Order or for more information, contact:
Padre Antonio Perdomo
St. George's Orthodox Church Bookstore
PO Box 667
Pharr, TX  USA  78577
Phone: 956-781-6114 or 956-358-8875

Other Spanish Translations & Liturgical Service Links:
(See other Spanish Orthodox Links - Some include Liturgical Services)
CD's of Byzantine-style Orthodox Music in Spanish, and Liturgical Books in Spanish from the Antiochian Archdiocese of Mexico, can be purchased at:

Spanish & Portugues Liturgical Services, including the Panikhida (Prayers for the Departed) - abreviated version in Spanish at:

Some musical resources:
See Also Links found in Textos Section of this site.

From: http://euphrosynoscafe.com/resources/   The Spanish resources are from Father Siluan, the moderator of the Spanish language section of the Euphrosynos Café's Discussion Forum.

Akathistos A la Gloriosa Señora Nuestra Theotokos y siempre Virgen María
El Himno Akathisto A la Gloriosa Señora Nuestra Theotokos y siempre Virgen María
La Fe Ortodoxa
La Iglesia Ortodoxa
Regla de Oración para el Hogar


LEARN MORE? If you would like to practice or better Learn Spanish or to use the ASCII Accent Codes for writing Spanish, please see those sections of our web site. There are also web pages for the Scriptures in Spanish, a Church History Timeline in Spanish, articles about the Orthodox Church in Spanish and information about Mexico and the Church in Mexico to help you learn more!

¡Gloria a Dios por todo!
Direct your Questions, Comments or Feedback to (Por favor dirigir sus preguntas, dudas o comentarios al): 956-781-6114 or info@stgeorgepantry.org

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