Working at the Orphanage - 12/27/05

After a lovely lunch served by the Nuns at the Orphanage, we all helped with some work projects. Some helped re-work a garden area for the monastery.  Some repainted playground equipment for the children.
Happy Meal Faces
Lunch At Last!
Abby & Rosa Gardening
Is it deep enough yet?
Lunchtime - Ahh!
Jordan Digs Without Yellow Machines
Angel y Cristina Paint Playground
Dig Those Holes!
Christiana Paints Play Structure
Gardening Huddle
Gals Gardening in Shade
Lunch With Father Directing
Gardening Gang
Lunch Line Hunger
Lunchtime - Yes!
Nick Paints Swingset
Nick Paints; Rebecca Plays
We Don't Understand Either...
Cristina Stirs Paint
Which Way to the Fire Ants, Folks?
Sibling Play Structure Painters
Cristina Still Stirring the Paint
Last Snack Before Leaving for Texas