Icon Bridges 2006-Theophany 2007 Delivery Photos - 01/08/07

Delivery to Mexico City of Icons and liturgical items collected in 2006 and delivered during the Theophany 2007 Season, while Metropolitan Herman and Archbishop Dmitri visited Bishop Alejo and the Excharch of Mexico Clergy.
Box cascades arrive at Perdomos
Loading up boxes to transport
Repacking for the long drive
Angel carries heavy boxes
All items packaged & secured
Loading up
25 Boxes in the Ford Pick-up!
Ready for Pre-Dawn Departure
The Mexico Pilgrims Set to Go!
Driving Down
25 Boxes Unloaded at the Cathedral
Scenery en route
The 14 hour long drive
A gift for Bp. Alejo
Bp. Alejo & Metro. Herman admire miter
Bp. Alejo & Metro Herman look at vestments
Mountains en route
Padre Antonio tells about donations
Mountains on the way down
Spanish Translation Kalistos Ware's book
Examples o icons
Hierarchs look at donations
More liturgical items
Hierarch & Clergy Onlookers
Bishop Alejo admires vestments
All were amazed at the donations
During the long drive
Archbishop Dmitri looks over miter
Just a few of the many donated icons
An example of icons donated
Donations unboxed to see
A number of vestments were shared
A few of the donated items
Icons were gratefully received
These will benefit many mission churches
Lovely display of items delivered
Padre Antonio & Padre José Luis
Looking over the wonderful donations
Bp. Alejo & Fr. Antonio look at icons
More icons didn't fit on the tables
Even more were still in boxes
Pd. Antonio shows icons to Pd. Victorin
Pd. Antonio & Hieromonk Victorin
Another example of donated icons
Vestments given to Bp. Alejo
Fr. Antonio shares about
Icons donated