Bishops & Clergy Receiving "Icon Bridges" Donations - 01/09/06

After loading up Padre Antonio, daugthers Analucia and Cristina and three large boxes of icons for their 15+ hour bus ride from McAllen, Texas to Mexico City, both they and the icons arrived safely. On Monday morning, January 9th, the icons were personally delivered into the hands of the Bishop and Clergy present at their annual meeting and were most gratefully received.
Icons Ready to Pack & Cross the Bridge
Bishop Alejo & Archbishop Dmitri Receive Icons
Ready for Departure at McAllen Bus Station
Bishop Alejo Views Donations
Padre Antonio Shares Icons with Clergy
Opening Boxes of Icons at the Cathedral
Ready to Depart for Mexico City!
Padre Antonio Shows Icons to Bishop Alejo
Vladika Dmitri Looks at Icon
Sub Deacon Antonio & Padre Antonio with Donated Icons
Padre Antonio, Padre José Luis & Bp. Alejo with Icon Donations