First Delivery of Icons from USA to Mexico - 01/06/06

Thanks to All Who Donated Icons!

Since Fr. Antonio, Analucia and Cristina Perdomo visited Mexico City during the Theophany Season of 2005, we have been collecting icons which have been donated by generous Orthodox Christians all over the nation. Just before leaving for their 2006 Theophany visit, the Perdomos gathered and packed up three large boxes packed with wonderful icons. Father and the girls each took a box with them on their long bus ride from the S. Texas borderlands to Mexico City, where they met and personally delivery the icons to Bishop Alejo of Mexico and to Archbishop Dmitri, Exarchate Bishop of Mexico, who was there for his annual visit. We have heard that both Bishops were absolutely thrilled with these gifts and are very happy to have them to share with the Churches in Mexico!

Next time, we hope to take even more icons to share with the many Orthodox Mission Churches in Mexico!

See Slideshow below as well, with photos from the other side of the border "Bridge"  - Icon Delivery in Mexico City!
Arranging & Sorting Donated Icons
Father Antonio Helps Sort Icons
Many Lovely Icons Were Donated
Father with Icons for Mexico
Selection of Icons Donated
Father Addresses Icon Boxes
Icon Bridges for Mexican Mission Churches
Father With Boxes of Packaged Icons
Some of this year's donated icons.
Thank you for sharing icons for Mexico!
Father Antonio with donated icons.
All Labeled & Ready: Next Stop Mexico City!