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St. George's Annual Nativity Collection for Orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico: 
It has been our tradition at St. George's Orthodox Church for many years, to take food and other items to the Casa Amparo girl's orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico during both the Nativity (Christmas) and Paschal (Easter) Seasons.  Parishioners and friends of the parish, as well as those in the local community, have generously contributed towards this effort. If you would like to contribute financially or by donating items we can take, please do so this week!  We will be going to the orphanage on December 28th or 29th during the upcoming Winter Youth Retreat.  Donations can be brought to Church, located at 704 W. Sam Houston in Pharr, between now and then. Call us at 956-781-2388 so we can meet you and receive your donations. Or you can donate online through our website at www.stgeorgepantry.org . Just click on the "Donate" button for the PayPal options, then send us an email letting us know for which project (orphanage, food pantry, etc.) you would like your contribution to be credited. 
To learn more about the Casa Amparo orphanage in Reynosa, see: http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/orphanagevisit.html  and: 
And, to see more photos of the Orphanage, see:
If you'd like to give items for us to take, some we recommend are listed below.  Often, Dollar or Discount Stores are good places to purchase these items:
1) Canned & Non-Perishable Food Goods or durable produce (onions, potatoes, apples, etc.), esp. foods in larger #10 sized cans & such
2) Toiletries, Grooming Supplies, etc. (i.e. shampoo, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, tooth brushes, pony tail holders, soap, anything like that!)  Hotel-type samples & dollar-store items work great!
3) Diapers, Toilet Paper, Girl's socks & Girl's underwear (new!)
4) Coats, Jackets, Sweat Shirts & other warm garments
5) Blankets, Quilts, including BABY Blankets
6) Baby Clothing - new & used - of any type
7) Sewing Fabric & Supplies - the orphanage has a sewing workshop
8) Older but still usable computer equipment
9) Painting Supplies: Brushes, Rollers, Roller Pans, Drop Cloths, Roller Extenders, White Exterior Paint, etc. (Our work project during the Youth Retreat will be painting a building at the orphanage.)
10) FINANCIAL Contributions so we can purchase other food items here.  Financial contributions can now be made online through our website PayPal account. They can also be mailed to: St. George's Orthodox Church, PO Box 667; Pharr, TX  78577.
Elizabeth Perdomo
St. George's Orthodox Church
Rio Grande Valley of Tropical South Texas

¡Gloria a Dios por todo!
Direct your Questions, Comments or Feedback to (Por favor dirigir sus preguntas, dudas o comentarios al): 956-781-6114 or info@stgeorgepantry.org

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