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Orthodox Rio Bridges - Puente Rio Ortodoxo
Orthodox Rio Bridges - Puente Rio Ortodoxo
How to add accent marks & symbols in Spanish...

Do you know the ASCII codes for typing accent marks?

http://www.starr.net/is/type/altnum.htm (Charts for Many Languages)

Charts For specific languages-Spanish

On the right hand side of your keyboard (the Number Pad), Hold DOWN the "Alt" key + 3 digits is to left of accented letters; Alt key + 4 digits is to the right.


160 á (0224) àá
130 é (0233)
161 í (0237)
164 ñ (0241)
162 ó (0243)
163 ú (0250)
129 ü (0252)

Á (0193)
144 É (0201)
Í (0205)
165 Ñ (0209)
Ó (0211)
Ú (0218)
154 Ü (0220)
168 ¿ (0191)
173 ¡ (0161)

More From a Spanish Professor Friend: On a desktop computer, just use the number pad on the keyboard and type the following codes; the NUMBER LOCK key must be on to make this work. For all characters, HOLD DOWN at the same time the ALT KEY and type numbers listed below

I keep this chart near my keyboard but I have most of the numbers memorized by now.

Of course, you can also use the INSERT key in Microsoft Word but I find it more cumbersome to use. You can also change your keyboard to Spanish characters but unless you print out that keyboard, you don’t know which key is which and it changes some you use for English (like the apostrophe is in a new location, etc.)



¡Gloria a Dios por todo!
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